Btw- fish community members that are in college: what are you majoring in? I’m curious :D

Political science with a double minor in business and economics!

Graphic Design! I don’t really understand what majors are though. hahathingsaredifferenthere.

How about those of us that graduated already? I finished a graduate degree in criminology and sociolegal studies in 2012. :D

I’m Entertainment Design - Digital Cinema! So basically making films.

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  • Question: Heyooo. I have a question. Well, a few questions. I want a planted tank (no fish, just plants) but I'm wondering how much more work it is compared to fish? Also, what would be an okay size? Would 2 gallons be okay for a starter? Does it need filtered - lokittyofcatsguard
  • Answer:

    (2/2) or heated? What sort of substrate is okay for them to be planted in? Would aquarium gravel be okay?

    In regards to just plant keeping, I don’t have a lot of experience. I know that the plants thrive off of the ammonia and some of the stuff that the fish produce, however, I don’t see why you couldn’t have a planted tank. It may help to have shrimp or snails or small creatures of some sort. You might have to dose more ferts than you would with a fish, and the temperature would probably depend on what kind of plants you have.

    With just plants, I’m not sure you would have a size limit, or size minimum, so really it would just be personal preference!

    I know aquarium gravel works well for plants when there are living creatures in the tank, because the rotting plant bits and other things catch in the gravel, and the plant will use those for nutrients.

    Sorry I don’t know more about this, but I hope that helps!


I’ve gained a lot of new followers, and I just wanted to thank everyone. I love comments and asks, etc, so if you ever have any questions about my fish or my planted tank, or really anything in general, go for it!

I may eventually do some small sort of giveaway, cause I really appreciate you all, but I’m not sure when yet (school is a bit crazy).

My main blog is here!

Thanks again, you guys are quiet, but great.





ppl who think sand is an o-k substrate need to step 500 feet away from my person because i don’t like gross chewy ass nuggets any where near me


I spend way too much time dealing with aquariums, so at first I was 100% ready to defend sand substrate with my life…. Then realized this was probably about snakes and lizards, haha.

Woops, wrong blog.

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  • Question: your tank is so amazing! - under-the-same-skyy
  • Answer:

    Thank you! I really appreciate it.


Thanks for your help everyone! I took the filter apart, cleaned out the motor and propeller, and it started again! I thought I was a goner, haha. And now I know more about filters! Yay. I love the fish community here.



I was cleaning my fish tank tonight, and unplugged my filter momentarily while I was moving around some of the stuff I had plugged in. I plugged the filter back in and it didn’t turn back on. It’s a Fluval Aquaclear 20. Does anyone have any advice? Can I do anything? I don’t have any other filters to put in, and I’m not sure when I can go get a new filter (probably not within the next week).

Please help if you can!


My fish tank at the end of August. 10 gallons to my sassy little man.


Wondering if anyone can explain my water test readings to me.

I’ve had my 10g tank going for about 3 months now, fish in. Heavily planted, and the plants are generally doing great, with a lot of new growth.

It’s been a little over a week since I cleaned the tank, so I figured I would do a water test before, just to check it.

I got 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 0 nitrate as well. Not sure why this would be?

If anyone has any thoughts for me, I’d love to hear them. Just want to make sure that there’s nothing weird going on.

  • Question: OMG! Your betta is named Ziggy Stardust?! I named one of mine David Bowie!!! - taka-hardt
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    There’s something especially flamboyant about betta fish and David Bowie, there is an important link up there somewhere…. C: