Apparently Ziggy is doing well, as are my shrimp. According to my mom (the one in charge of my tank while I’m gone), the plants aren’t doing great. I wonder if they need some sort of mild fertilizer…


Hi from Japan!

I guess the only thing I have to update is that when I was skyping with my parents the other day, I found out that not one, not two, but all THREE of my Amano Shrimp are still alive back home.

My parents fondly nicknamed them “Baby”, “Junior”, and “Mr. Big”. I would have given them names in the 70s/80s musician genre like Ziggy’s, but oh well. A bit late now.

  • Question: You should turn your submit on so I can send you a picture of my betta, he looks just like Ziggy! - lunarforet
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    Sure thing!


Around this time tomorrow (January 24th) I’ll be on a plane bound for Japan. I’ll be studying abroad there for a semester, so I may reblog something here and there, but won’t really have any tank updates.

Wish my mom luck, I hope Ziggy is safe and sound when I get home, haha.


New plants! Another piece of Java Fern, some kind of new sword, and 3 (now two) Amano shrimp!

Sorry about the glare on the tank.

Driftwood is back in after drying out for a few days. Hopefully the algae will be less intense. 



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Nothing big today. Just felt like maybe this blog should be a little more than just tank pictures.

Today I finally baffled the filter I have, Ziggy has been very stressed by it since I got it, and since he bit some of his tail off last week I figured he just wasn’t going to get used to it.

After baffling, he is swimming happily through the entire tank, rather than getting blown around.

Also threw out a random hitchhiker snail I found in the gravel today, I really don’t want an infestation so I’m hoping to nip it early.


Bit empty and boring right now. Took out the driftwood to see if the algae would slow down. Wisteria in the back melted into goop so it got taken out too.

Tank revamp begins on Saturday, going to get some new plants and hopefully Amano shrimp!


So, having a pretty intense algae problem. The Wisteria in the back of my tank completely melted away into nothingness, and everything in my tank is pretty green. Took everything out and gave it a good rinse, and took out the driftwood for now after giving it a good scrub. I’m thinking that may have been the original source of the problem.

A friend is coming over on Saturday who has good knowledge about NPTs, so hopefully he can help me out.

I’m going to be studying abroad in Japan from January 24th to May 31st, so I’ll be on a bit of hiatus as I won’t have my tank, haha.

Photo Set

Ziggy Stardust and his new Nerite pal

28 Sept 2013